David Kynan

Turning ideas and concepts into powerful messages that incite people to act

As a youth, David aspired to uncover the secrets of human behaviour. Beginning at age 13, David's fascination with human psychology and change led him to read thousands of books on subjects such as persuasion, marketing, influence, religion and personal development.

After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree from McGill University in languages and linguistics, David earned a certificate in E-Marketing and dedicated himself studying the psychology of influence. He has completed more private trainings in systems of influence and change that can be named.

David's particular expertise is in a field known as NLP, a practical system of psychology with applications for marketing, persuasion and strategic coaching. Former Vice President of the Canadian Association of NLP, David teaches, consults and coaches on topics related to sales, problem solving, change and strategic communication. His expertise has landed him training and consulting contracts with companies such as Sun Liife Financial, Medisca Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Pure Water Technologies. He has been featured in the Montreal Mirror, interviewed on CTV and presented on his work at the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa.

At the core of David's skill set is mastery of the science of language. David can translate ideas and concepts into powerful marketing messages, and he can do it in 6 languages. Fluent in English, French, German, to name a few, and with knowledge of a long list of languages, David is a man of many words.

As Communication Strategist for Indispensable, David's expertise enables us to see through the client's eyes and understand the hidden motives that drive them to act. As copywriter and editor, he turns brands into winning words and helps creative the persuasive systems that make sales presentations, web pages and documents hit their mark.