Stephen Elliot

Strategic thinking to turn businesses into Indispensable Brands

Stephen Elliott is a man on a mission. He's out to unleash the limitless capacity of business and help businesses produce amazing.

Stephen has been working with small-medium sized enterprises for over 10 years. After attending the University of Western for Business Administration and Commericial Studies, he got his introduction to marketing while working for the Yellow Pages Group. The top sales representative out of 1200 employees at just 23 years old, Stephen began to see what effective marketing could do for a business... and what ineffective marketing couldn't.

He dove into the world of business and marketing, devouring books on sales, advertising, management, branding and strategic thinking for the next decade, in preparation for his next great achievement.

In 2003 year, Stephen founded out of his bedroom, an Internet portal for advertising law firms that grew to one of the top Lawyer destinations in the country with nearing $100,000 in monthly revenues and 10 full-time staff.

Co-Founder and President of Indispensable, Stephen has now helped numerous companies become winning brands that keep customers coming back for more. Each day, Stephen meets with business owners and teams to help them uncover the hidden obstacles holding them back, create innovative solutions and redesign the way they do business. Combining a unique approach to marketing for today's world and an endless passion for producing amazing in the world of business, Stephen lends his passion and commitment each day to hearing what no one else hears and putting the hidden assets of businesses front and center to make them Indispensable brands